Charter Sailboat Jakab

Sailing is an adventure! As such, you should be prepared for your trip aboard by wearing appropriate clothing and bring snacks if you prefer. Note that in Port Washington, the lake is cold until mid-summer, so it may be up to ten degrees cooler on the river than on land (and after the sun sets the ambient temperature may quickly drop).

Is Jakab an accessible boat?

Jakab is not a disabled-accessible vessel. Yet many disabled passengers enjoy sailing aboard the boat. Whereas the deck is relatively easily accessed, the restroom is located in a cabin below that requires one to navigate a steep 5-step stairway (ladder). There are no seatbacks available on deck. Again, many disabled individuals do enjoy sailing aboard the vessel as the crew help people board and disembark the vessel. Portable wheelchairs may be stowed aboard the vessel during the sailing experience.


What should I wear?

Even during summer, the weather can be (much!) cooler on the lake, especially after sunset. Bring a light jacket or sweatshirt. High heels and wedges are not recommended. Our sailorly advice: when dressing up for the evening, slip a pair of flats in your purse.

Is there a bathroom aboard?

Yes, Jakab does have a toilet aboard.

What if it rains?

Try as we might, we cannot control the weather! We do have a spacious traditional cabin below in case a hard rain should occur while we’re on the lake but, in the case of a light drizzle, please bring a light rain jacket or poncho. Sailing is an adventure after all! Sails are cancelled at the sole discretion of the Captain, up to the time of departure. We want you to return year after year – so we only sail in weather that we believe you will enjoy. We definitely do not sail should lightning be in the area. And, typically, if a sustained or hard rain is forecast, we may defer or cancel the sail. Should the Captain cancel a sail, you may reschedule by calling our office at 312.469.0233. We will be happy to find another day that fits your schedule.

How many people does Jakab accommodate?

Jakab holds up to 43 guests, although for private events we recommend up to 35 passengers for added comfort on deck.

Do I need sunscreen?

It’s bright out there, so be prepared and pack your sunscreen! The sun reflects off the water, even on cloudy days, and can cause sunburn if you’re not protected.

Is there a sound system?

Jakab does have an excellent sound system available for private events. Bring cd’s or an Ipod (or other type of music player) to plug into our system.

Can we swim or jump off?

There is no swimming from Jakab. Please stay on the boat!

Can I bring food?

Bring a snack! You may get hungry on the water. There are numerous restaurants within one block of the boat so feel free to grab a bite or drink prior to your sail.

Can I bring alcohol (or drinks)?

Not if you are sailing on a public sail. We sell beer, wine and soda on public sails. Beer and wine are $4. Soda is $2. Bottled water is complementary.

Alcoholic beverage options are available for private events. Please contact us for more information at jakab@gmail.com or 312.469.0233.

What if my sail is cancelled?

Jakab only cancels sails if weather is inclement at the sole discretion of the captain. Call our office to reschedule should a sail be cancelled; note that we seldom cancel sails.